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OUGD603 — Module Evaluation

Reflecting on this academic year I feel like this has been the most exciting, scary, busy, stressful, but most fun of my life.

Looking back at my original action plan for this year I have hardly stuck to it in the slightest. Only two projects have been completed that were on there and they were both live.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this year because of the flexibility and freedom that we have been given as a year-group to spend our own time doing what we feel is important and right for our future and career-path. For me this has meant abandoning self-initiated or not-live briefs and concentrating on real work with real people that is getting used in real life.

This has shaped who I have become as a professional designer, developed incredible network contacts, and worked in my favour to allow me to effectively freelance for a year while also getting assessed on the quality of the real work that I have done. I feel like the experience I have gained this year is second-to-none and that I have become as professional as possible while still practicing at university, givjng me a head-start when the course comes to end and I begin working as a freelance designer or working in a studio.

The briefs I have completed this year say a lot about me as a person, the influences of modernist, effective and functional design, along with quirky illustrations, and focused on beer and cycling has fulfilled my personal requirements and aspirations of loving what I do as a creative professional and learning how to sell myself to the right people.

The reality of the amount of work I have done this year is far more intense than what I have documented, but due to time restrictions have chosen not to document it all if it they are shorter briefs that cant be effectively pushed forward, or simply art-working jobs that have developed my software knowledge.

This module has allowed me to explore what I want to be first hand by letting me focus on my own work and creative practice, pushing my portfolio into a collection of work that represents what I am passionate about as well as a realistic presentation as my skills as a creative, be that design, photography or film.

Working collaboratively throughout the academic year has taught me a lot about time-management, feedback, and working as a unit rather than working individually around a table. This has impacted the way I work with people in a more positive direction and generated a lot of excitement and amazing memories with the professionals that I have developed alongside. This has also prepared me for real-life work in a studio, I know look forward to every time I go to freelance at The Lift Agency because of the amount that I can learn in just a day from talking and working with different creatives.

This module has shaped who I am as a professional and feels like it has been the conclusion of this whole degree. I have been given the freedom to find who I am as a professional by working in different situations on different briefs with different people and I have found my methodology in designing professionally, but most importantly, enjoyed it too.

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