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OUGD603 — Brief 10 — Process - Boards


The Process brief was a very fast turnaround project that was initiated thanks to Mike Williams from the Brewers Design Society for inviting me to take part. The brief was an open creative invite to submit to the exhibition that would be held at Tall Boys Beer Market, a shop I spend a lot of time at due to my interest well made beer.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded people and take part in my first exhibition before the end of year show.

This was a brief I really enjoyed doing and used as a break from more intense and demanding projects. I used my skills in illustration to create a selection of scenes within brewing finishing at Tall Boys. 

When I was at the exhibition, the people that own the shop approached me and asked if we could take it further and get it printed on hand made tote bags for the shop because they loved it so much.

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