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OUGD603 — Brief 04 - Design Publication - Concept

After discussing this brief with my peers, I decided on a concept direction that really stood out and reflected me. Cycling has impacted my practice in many ways.

— It has helped me clear my head when stressed with work.
— It has become a consistent activity I complete every single day for transport or leisure.
— It has introduced me to many creatives and local businesses that I have gone on to work with.
— It has made me amazing friends.
— It has influenced my design practice and opened up unique opportunities for me.

For this reason I wanted to design a route-map of my time on the course, hitting checkpoints along the way that show important events of the time I have been studying as well as elevation graphs of my stress or excitement.

Here's some example data of my daily ride to university, I recorded this in an application called Strava that monitors distance, elevation, speed and calories too if you have the right equipment. I will use this as the route on the map as it's been a consistent ride of every single day since the start of the academic year and will be until the end.

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