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OUGD603 — Brief 10 — Process - Idea / Plans

I was first approached by Mike to take part in this exhibition because of the work I did for Mallinson's in the response to my critical writing. For this reason I definitely wanted the style to follow the same rules that I loved producing so much.

The idea that I wanted to push forward was the literal context of 'Process', I wanted to put into perspective the amount of effort and practice that goes into making a singular batch of beer, the professionals involved, the actions they have to complete in a chronological step by step illustration that goes through every phase until finally arriving in the bottle-shop, for this project though, I wanted it to finish at Tall-Boys itself.

I referred back to the research conducted in my Context of Practice work to remind myself of the processes involved in the creation of beer along with this book that I picked up from Colours May Vary 'Barley & Hops' which discusses the topic of craft beer in a huge amount of detail!

One of the book sections presents the stages of brewing with supporting information, I used this information to generate a rough sketch plan of my 'phase levels' within my illustration.


In the illustration I would have six levels:

Farming the barley.
Farming the hops.
Grain milling.
Brewing processes.
Fermenting and bottling.
Bottle Shop.

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