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OUGD603 — Brief 12 — Restrap Link Campaign - Promotion

The first point of promotion would be the project's cover photo for Kickstarter. For this we needed a hero image of the product in high resolution to show the quality of the detailing at the same time as showing the link & restrap logos.

I went through the photography bank I created and I picked the photograph I felt worked best in the situation.

The logos fit nicely in the negative space within the photograph. With the correct sizing, the hierarchy spoke for itself and the creators of the product became easily identified as restrap.

With such a great product, I was quite confident that we might become a Kickstarter Staff Pick and therefore created a cover graphic to celebrate it if it happened. This meant little effort in changing it for Nathan as and when it happened.

The second point of promotion was the Facebook account of Restrap which would do a lot of work by feeding information to their current audience and customers.

I have previously seen examples of people merging their cover-photo and display photo to create one image and this was something I wanted to do for Restrap.

I found the dimensions for each of the elements in a thread in Facebook's help forums which made life very easy to create the scene.

I decided to use a photo of Tim on the bike with the belt to show it in it's prime context along with the branding alongside it.

The 'Kickstarter Staff Pick' variation was also made just in case by flooding the bright green banner over the right hand side so it isn't hidden by the Page title or information when in action.

In regards to the display photo, I had the idea to hold a countdown on it. The reason for this was so that Nathan could change it each day to show the amount of days left, but because it was changing daily throughout the campaign, all of the page's followers would see it each day as a form of promotion, but without looking like he's hassling people. A link to the campaign would be placed in the description for when people clicked it.

I also needed to design a press sheet for Nathan to e-mail to design/gadgets/cycling/outdoors blogs which held all of the information about the product, appropriate links and some imagery too. This would help on the promotion of the project throughout the campaign's life.

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