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OUGD603 — Brief 12 — Restrap Link Campaign - Identity

The identity surrounding Restrap's new product had to follow a style guide that made it sit amongst the other products comfortably. Nathan explained he wanted to give the campaign product 'Link' it's own identity that people could recognise as part of the Restrap collection. 

I set out to deliver exactly that and after analysing all of the previous packaging work I have completed for Nathan along with the branding of the company as a whole, I had a very narrow direction which helped speed up the process. Nathan didn't want anything wild or conceptual, but purely aesthetic that stood the product out and represented it well.

I started out playing with the typeface Tungsten as that is what the Restrap logo uses, however this felt almost too reminiscent of the logo and didn't sit beneath it, but beside it. I complimented it with Gotham to show consistency with the packaging and brand.

The aesthetics worked well but it was still stealing Restrap's own impact. It also felt like an illustration would benefit the product's name well. I changed Tungsten to Gotham as well and drew a small lightning bolt above it to represent the magnetic force.

This felt like it would work a lot better to identify the product in it's own right but at the same time, match the Restrap aesthetics. I sent the quickly conceptualised outcome to Nathan and he said it worked perfectly.

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