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OUGD603 — Brief 09 — Yearbook - Budget Consideration

After we had pulled together everything we were covering with the yearbook in respect to print finishing, content and nature of the bind we e-mailed Jason at Evolution Print to explain what we wanted to do and see if it was possible.

Danny got back to us very quickly and told us that we were exceeding budget with what we were wanting to do and recommended that we rework it to be a bit cheaper.

'Hi Harrison,

Got all the costs back from the printers based on the specs that were submitted. 
The total budget is a bit over what we've been given so I was looking to see if three of the groups - including yours - were able to adjust some of the details so that we may bring that price down. I could ask Jason about where savings might be made, but I think it's better that you - as designers - have a say in what might be done rather than risk someone else suggest the losing of an integral element. One other thing that came back was the concern from Evolution about the half pages marking the book. You happy that this isn't an issue? I'll run it by Jason again if there's a genuine concern.

Anyway, could you have a look at it and get back to me?


We met up to discuss what to do and came away with two different outcomes, we could either remove the quarter-bind and leave it as an open spined book and/or remove the dust-cover from the equation.


'Hi Danny, 

I've talked to the group and we feel that by keeping the greyboard cover but removing the cloth bound spine we could cut costs. Our only concern is that if it is open perfect bound it would be really flimsy, so our way around this would be to have a perfect bound book with grey board mounted front and back if you get me?? And possibly get rid of slip cover. 

We were always wondering when you thought would be best for everyone to send their work and info by, we were thinking by next Friday would be best so kind of give people a week once we've finalised character count and image spec. What do you think? 



'Hi Harrison,

Jason is dropping by at 3.30 tomorrow so we can look at the figures with him and see what we can do. I mean, there may be ways we can save by doing things like putting on the slip covers ourself? I know he said that there are sometimes options like this.
I don't think we want to alter the integrity of any of the proposed projects but if we can trim a few costs, that would be great.


Hopefully we won't be cutting back the design too much as we were really happy with the direction we were going in.

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