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OUGD603 — Brief 12 — Restrap Link Campaign - Cutting / Editing

By the time I got down to editing the campaign video, I had a lot of shots to work from and help me create a finished cut that would explain the product and effectively sell it to our audiences.

The editing process of creating the video was a long and strenuous task that is difficult to put into words. My approach to design is very systematic in planning and execution however the action of cutting and editing video is an entirely different scenario that involves splicing the content to fit the audio and story-telling.

For this reason, I first brought everything together in audio. Nathan has used an artist named Blunted Beatz music since he started his video ventures and wanted to keep that consistency. I found one that I felt fit the video-style well and bought it.

I imported the high-quality audio file into the premiere project which was set at NTSC standard for kick-starter's dimension requirements and then built on the recorded discussion voiced by Tim and Nathan, this was paired with two shots of them talking, the beginning, and the end.

The rest of the video was cut accordingly to the timeline of audio so the narration was overlapping the right frame of video, this made a much more synergetic outcome.

One of the biggest challenges in the editing of this video was learning how to work Adobe After Effects and Mocha to track the type in the video. I found a video to help guide me and I worked it out from there.

It was surprisingly really easy once I got the hang of it, and I am really happy with the two outcomes I came away with.

I finished the video with another stop animation before thanking the viewer for watching and reiterating to make a pledge.

The final video was exported into two formats, a HD widescreen version for vimeo and a standard NTSC version for kickstarter. This is the final cut.

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