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OUGD603 — Brief 04 - Design Publication - Boards


For the past year I have been so busy with live briefs that have required a lot of attention and hard work that I have unfortunately had to abandon projects that have no live deadline other than the module submission until the final month.

Even though I gave myself little time amongst very big briefs that were going on at the time, I am really happy with my concept and outcome as a piece of print that documents me, my journey through the course, my achievements, and interest in cycling all in one piece of A4.

The idea was to create a very low-fi racing map that told my story of 'the ride' through the BAGD programme using bold and contrasting colours, illustration, print and my interest in riding my bike. The idea itself was developed after a group critique with Tony Broomhead where I had nothing to bring but merely wanted to discuss the idea of fusing the publication with my love for cycling, a few ideas were thrown around and I pushed it into a full concept from there. This was a really useful critique that served well as a conversation about my ideas and how it could be pushed further, it was a reminder of how good it is to talk to others and have a different perspective on things.

The execution of the concept was very quick and hands on, a process I have not had much of this year due to the briefs I have worked on professionally. It felt good to create everything by hand so it had a more worn and DIY texture to it.

If I had less work to do this year, this publication could of been entirely different, but due to the amount on, I had to work quickly, efficiently and in an organised manner that reflected the time available. For this I am very pleased with my outcome and believe it works perfectly for it's purpose.

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