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OUGD603 — Brief 06 — Capital North - Boards


I found this brief extremely challenging during the time it was set and completed. The group I chose to work in consisted of Abigail Nelson, Sophie Abell, Laura Tomlinson and Danielle Yearsley.

To begin with, I thought the idea was really exciting and there was a lot of scope to push the project as a whole as the opportunity of briefs like this aren't every-day ones. I feel like we made a bad decision to work together as a team because we each had a lot of other projects happening that took priority over this, such as me and Laura were hard at work on the yearbook, and I was also developing work for Restrap and Tokyo Fixed which were more important to me. As a group we failed to meet up regularly or push each other to complete tasks on time. There was a lack of motivation and we weren't working very well together as a team which ultimately made the work suffer.

We eventually pulled our fingers out and got to work on our own jobs within the brief once I had developed the logo and visual identity. Issues that followed were that people refused to come in and work together when we had the time and therefore when all the work came together, everything looked disjointed and different. This really emphasised to me how important it is to work together even on individual jobs as it keeps the visuals consistent and finalise as one piece of work that functions cohesively.

If I was given more time on the brief of another go at completing it I would make sure that the team working with me would be in working on it together as well as dedicate a lot more time and attention to the brief as a whole.

Considering the circumstances our presentation went very successfully even though none of us were very confident with the work. We got some really good and motivating comments from the DBA team and put a lot into perspective for me about working in groups.

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