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OUGD603 — Brief 12 — Restrap Link Campaign - Filming / Shooting

We organised a day for me to come down to the workshop and begin filming for the campaign along with taking some photos too.

My equipment list for the day was my own Canon EOS 60D, a 50mm f/1.8 lens, tripod and a steady cam grip that I loaned from university.

When I arrived, I set up my equipment and prepared the space to begin capturing everything for the campaign. I decided to take the photos first and then begin filming after.

Once the photos were done and from what I could see on the DSLR screen, they looked perfect, I moved onto the filming.

The filming consisted of a lot of product pans, interactions with the belt and experiments to show its strength, durability and finally detail shots to capture the texture and quality of the materials used.

Unfortunately, when I came to review all of the shots from the day at home on my 21.5" screen, I became aware of a burned pixel on the left third of my camera's sensor which was visible once over 1000ISO. This was extremely gutting as hours of footage was wasted as I found that even though it was manageable to edit it out in post-processing, it would of taken longer than to re-shoot it all.

I made my way to the AV resource centre the following morning and showed him my problem and he agreed that even though I could get rid of the red dot, it would take a long time to track it through every clip to then cut it down into my video.

He allowed me to loan out one of his Canon 5D MKIII cameras along with a different steady-cam, Gorillapod, Rode microphone and a 24 - 105mm lens. I got on my bike and went back down to Restrap to give Nathan the unfortunate news and start again.

I once again set up all the equipment to test it all, and then I got on with the photography.

I was so impressed with the quality of the shots from the 5D, and I made sure I checked them all on the computer before finishing in case anything went wrong there.

I had the idea of making a stop animation for the introduction of the product on the campaign film so this was the first section I photographed.

For the background, something I realised when going through the earlier shots was that they felt very dirty and dark. I took a piece of white card and folded it up against one of Nathan's machines beside the window. This worked as a home-made studio pretty well apart from a small crease in the card I'd have to edit out.

I used the card to do all of the product shots for both the campaign and to use on the website after.

As a stretch goal for the campaign, we wanted to have engraved buckles with Restrap's notorious needles logo. For this we would have to get through expensive set-up fees but we wanted to achieve it as a goal even though it wasn't completely necessary.

I grabbed all of the 3D printed prototypes and laid them out to photograph to show the backers on the project story.

For the talking in the video, we got our friend Tim to come along and he turned up on his beautiful Bianchi Pista Concept bike, so I made him model the belt outside to show the product in action.

Finally I grabbed a shot of the materials shelf in the workshop and then got round to the filming.

The video shoot was full of laughs behind the scenes and we got the introduction, script and outro all in under half an hour. Before the memory card was full I dumped all the data onto my laptop and then me and nathan began filming the final shots.

To show that the belt could hold over 50kg of weight, we hung it on a bike work-stand and then began hanging tools off of it until we ran out of ones we could physically pick up. That's when we decided to plonk a bmx on it too. This would be good for a quick and simple laugh amongst the video that remains to the point.

Once that was done, we went over all of the shots on my laptop and came to the decision that we had everything sorted and it was ready for me to begin editing.

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