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OUGD603 — Brief 11 — Woodrups & Restrap TCR Film - Shooting Day 05

On Friday morning I headed down to the AV resource room to pick up some kit for the weekend shooting.

I picked up a Canon EOS 5DMKIII, Canon 24 - 105mm Lens, Redrook Micro-support steady cam, a spare battery and a tripod ready for Saturday morning.

On the day, I was picked up from mine at 3pm with the TCR bike in the boot and we set off to Eccup, a reservoir nearby that had a nice long stretch of road that wasn't often disturbed by cars.

We got the bike out of the car and I set up my equipment before getting in the boot to start shooting.

I made sure I got a good selection of angles by directing Tim and the driver, Jacob. This made sure that I captured Tim in the best positions along with the bike and touring rig.

One thing I love about Tim is that he loves to get involved in whats happening and had an idea to hide and appear out of some long grass in his sleeping bag looking confused for some laughs (if it was successful), unfortunately it didn't suit the video theme but we had to have some fun with it!

I also took the chance to take some stills with my flash-gun to make sure that the reflective paint on the bike stood out. These will be great to use for social media and previews.

Once we arrived at Tim's I took some shots of the bike by itself to show the paint details and parts being installed onto it before we sat down and did a quick interview to use as a voice-over the video.

When we were done, Jacob drove me home and I moved all the data onto my computer and hard-drive.

Unfortunately, when I replayed the footage, I found that the interview's sound was ruined by bird tweets that I couldn't remove from the shot in post-production. I called Tim and explained the situation (as the interview wasn't planned I had no recording equipment) and he was happy to re-do it on Monday afternoon.

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