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OUGD603 — Brief 12 — Restrap Link Campaign - Boards


The Link campaign is the most successful project I have ever completed. Working with Restrap again, my job was to plan, design, and execute an entire campaign for a potential product that Nathan was looking to fund through Kickstarter.

The target for this project was £7,500 to fund all of the workshop's necessary tooling and all the minimum quantities of materials plus a little extra to make it worth the efforts and as it wasn't a definite paid job unless the product was funded, this pushed me even harder to both make Nathan confident that I am willing to put my all in but also because he offered to give me 10% of whatever the figure ends at if it is funded.

The success of this project was entirely down to the marketing of the product and I spent my efforts making it as perfect as I could to get as much out of it as possible for a brief, my portfolio and also to help earn some money for when I finish university.

Currently as I write this evaluation it has reached £37,565 which equates to 500% of the original target.

This campaign has allowed me to freely work on all elements of the campaign to make it as successful as possible in every angle ranging all the way through the product's brand, the video and the promotional images.

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