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OUGD603 — Brief 11 — Woodrups & Restrap TCR Film - Cutting, Shooting Day 06, and Editing

The big job of this project was the cutting and editing of the final film. I wanted to get a balance of coverage between restrap's work, woodrup's work and videos of the bike in action.

I always find documenting film cutting really difficult as it's a process that involved lots of trial and error but so much that it would take longer to explain than make the film five times over.

During the editing, I came to a moment I wanted to introduce Tim's interview, and that was when things went bad. I found out that because I wasn't prepared with audio recording equipment as the interview was a flash decision at the time, the audio was worse than expected, somehow the camera picked up a bird tweeting at about 5 times the volume of Tim's voice. This was completely un-saveable so I gave Tim a ring.

We decided to re-shoot the interview at Restrap the next day when I had the chance to pick up a microphone and set up in a controlled environment with no environmental noises.

Straight after we took a couple of takes, I opened it up on my laptop to hear the results and we were perfect. We quickly got on our way so I could get back to editing.

I spent that evening and the whole day after getting the video to the best of my abilities and then uploading it to wetransfer to Nathan to look over and give the go-ahead.

Fortunately I got nothing but praise for the finished film and it was ready to upload. I made a professional looking cover-photo to display rather than a screen-grab on the video link, devil is in the details.

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