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OUGD603 — Brief 09 — Yearbook - Boards


Pitches and presentations have always been a downfall in my creative practice. I find it really hard to speak in front of large groups of people, even in front of close friends I feel anxious and nervous so it was going to be an expected struggle to pitch a concept in front of the tutors, and all of our competition.

I feel like these struggles have been pushed aside and even though I still feel nervous, I can deal with it a lot better and power through discussing my opinions, thoughts, ideas, and work. This has shown in our successful pitch that won the opportunity to work the yearbook this year. I have developed a lot of confidence thanks to this brief and become a lot closer to my colleagues while working with them on it.

The conceptual development of the response to this brief is something that I am extremely proud of, using well informed research, and inspiration from an event that happened in Leeds, we have worked together to think of something unique, functional and exciting.

It is unfortunate that we haven't been able to work this further for hand-in and we have only gotten to the art-working stage but the group voted to hold it temporarily to get everything else finished to a good standard and to hand this in as a winning concept.

I am excited to get back to work on this project and deliver what we hope to be the best yearbook that our programme has ever had.

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