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OUGD603 — Brief 11 — Woodrups & Restrap TCR Film - Shooting Day 01

The first day of shooting for the TCR bike was an opportunity to meet the Woodrups staff where I was introduced to Tony and Mike who were the main contacts for the project alongside Tim and Nathan. I was also introduced to Kevin, the master frame-builder at Woodrups.

Kevin was a really interesting guy to speak to that has been a frame-builder since he was 17 (he is currently in his 60's). The sort of guy that you can speak to about everything and he has a very fixed opinion on everything, which would lead to another topic.

I got some basis foundation shots of the frame geometry plans, the tools, and some of the work being done to the bike before me and Nathan organised when I could revisit and get shots of the different processes used to build the steel frame. I took some contact numbers and we both left on our bikes for a short ride before heading home.

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