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OUGD603 — Brief 10 — Process - Illustration

Using a the grid system in illustrator like when I illustrated the Mallinson's logo, I was able to easily create the heroes of the first layer in the right scaling before adding into it. Detail was implemented where I felt it was necessary while keeping a very stripped back rounded illustration style that retained that character I was envisioning.

For the second illustration I wanted the tractor to be driving through the hop-bines towards the viewer while remaining flat, I expected this to be a challenge in perspectives but it was remarkably easy. I adjusted small details like the grass being less consistent in the field unlike the farm which was more tidy due to the harvester.

For the third, things became more complicated as the levels began to merge. I illustrated the separate elements and then brought them together so that everything fit together in a cohesive structure.

The final layer to the composition was Tall Boys Beer market. I popped in to catch up, grab a couple of beers and take some photos of the bottom floor for some loose reference.

I illustrated the bottom floor as if it was one long strip without corners to structure it within the print and work with the rest of the elements. I was really happy with the finished illustration and how it fit into a final outcome.

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