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OUGD603 — Brief 08 - Tokyo Fixed Jersey Kit - Boards


This brief was extremely rewarding to work on and finalise with the Tokyo Fixed team. Being approached by a client of this caliber was a new experience for me that has increased my confidence and professional practice along with an amazing project that will look great in my portfolio when the physical product is made.

I have never done pattern design so I was surprised to be asked to work with it as a first brief from Tokyo Fixed but it was exciting and a really useful process that I have learned how to work around.

Having the opportunity to not only develop a full pattern for high-end luxury cycling jerseys but also given the freedom to design the actual jerseys myself too was a valuable and enlightening process which has been really interesting to work through with professionals that have been doing this for years.

I found it a real shame when it was made clear that they wouldn't be made in time for submission as that would be an amazing product to submit, but experiencing the whole process has showed me how long-winded it is and how it needs to be reworked again by a fashion designer to be sure it all works together consistently.

I am really proud of the outcome of the pattern and the jersey mock-up, as even though it is not the sort of thing I would personally wear, I could imagine a lot of my friends to be interested in them and seeing professional riders race with them will be an amazing feeling.

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