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OUGD603 — Brief 07 - Restrap Packaging — 06 - Link Packaging

The final lot of packaging that needed to be completed for Restrap was the Link belt, the product that I designed the campaign for in this brief.

This was a much more exciting piece of packaging to design due to the results of our recent weekly meeting. When the packaging was brought up, we both agreed that this was a product that needed a much more creative solution for.

Nathan wanted people to be able to 'try' the product whilst it was still in packaging as you don't get a feel for the magnetic connector without giving it a go. So the solution had to be 3D to hold it's weight, but at the same time, accessible. 

I went to the studio and after a few sketches came up with the triangular structure concept. I mocked it up with some cardboard and took it to the workshop on our next meeting and pitched the idea to him. I was really happy to find he loved the idea and was happy for me to begin designing it ready for print for when the campaign ended.

Naturally thinking about it already, I already had a rough idea of what I wanted the packaging to look like. I was given all the information it needed in an email and the idea I had in my head was looking like it could work.

I got started on the illustrations first, for this I wanted a flat view of the belt unlocking to work as a front diagram, and a sideways perspective illustration to span over the back.

Even though the logos are slightly different in scales, I managed to fit them in the packaging outline I made and appear balanced thanks to the belt illustration underlining them.

The bottom of the packaging had the barcode and Restrap discover prompt this worked well as the base as it wasn't important information but still worked for its use.

All of the important information was displayed on the back in the form of tick-boxes due to the variants of sizes and colours for the product, this means that the team at Restrap can tick the relevant boxes for each batch and stops them from suffering from minimum order quantities.

I sent it over to Nathan and he mentioned making the 'colour' field more clear by adding the word label. This was something I didn't notice but I am glad he brought it up as it was a fair point.

The next day however, I had another e-mail explaining that after several requests from America and a long think about it, he wanted an XXL size to cater for larger people wanting more flex in a belt. This was the final amendment and the packaging was done and ready to be sent off to print as soon as the real bar-code was sent through which will be after the kickstarter campaign has been funded.

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