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OUGD603 — Brief 12 — Restrap Link Campaign - Extended Promotion

Now that the campaign is live, to keep the hits and pledges up we are going to need to consistently deliver promotion to not let the escalation of funding flatten out. Especially now we have hit our target, the objective is to gather as much funding as possible as the more belts that are sold, the more materials have to be bought, which means that by buying in bulk, the materials will be cheaper leading to a higher margin percentage.

Communicating with the backers of the project will keep them happy at the same time as providing project updates, be that promotional or the product's journey.

The first one was the celebratory image to declare becoming 100% funded.

My second promotional update image was spanned from an idea I gave Nathan about making a social share + like competition for people to independently promote the campaign in a hope to win a £100 restrap gift-card.

The third promotional image was the declaration of us hitting the stretch goal which will allow us to afford for the buckles to be custom injection moulded. This was a much more simple responding visual involving the manipulated photo I took and the text resting over it.

Later on in the project, Nathan wanted me to create an exclusive e-mail newsletter for backershub, a company that concentrate on featured Kickstarter projects and promote them in exchange for exclusive deals or discounts. This will be sent out to a few thousand of their subscribers which will be great for the project.

My favourite promotional image so far is this. While we were teaming up with other over-funded projects to cross-promote and share each others backers, we didn't want to seem like we were spamming our backers in the obvious format, so we introduced it with a personal timeline of the project's successes so far! I was able to illustrate little icons beside each point on the timeline.

The next update was to let backers know that if they had pledged then they get a 20% off discount code on any extra restrap products on their website.

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