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OUGD603 — Brief 10 — Process - Tote-bags

I was really pleased about Cody asking if they could print my illustration on tote bags for the shop so I was quick to email my chase-up, especially as if it was sorted soon enough I would be able to hand it in alongside the print for my module.

I was also cheeky enough to mention getting paid for the use in beer, seeing as that would make me just as happy as money and they get it all at stock price anyway.

I was really optimistic about it all running smoothly and working out so I had more collateral to hand in until it got to today (Tuesday 19th) and I hadn't yet heard from them. I sent them an e-mail prompting an update to see if they'd sorted it and what the plan of action was.

Unfortunately I got the news back that they were waiting on a reply from a particular printers who they were confident provided the best quality they have seen, this means they more than likely won't be ready for hand-in but it will still be great to see them when they are done!

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