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OUGD603 — Brief 11 — Woodrups & Restrap TCR Film - Boards


Thanks to the work I completed at the beginning of the year for the Halleycat event, Nathan asked me to film and cut a film that documented a project they were collaborating with Woodrups called the Transcontinental Project.

Using my existing skills in photography and the base knowledge I developed in film from documenting the Halleycat event, I spend six days filming different processes of the total bicycle build and used it to create both a promotional teaser for the video as well as a full-length film to promote both Leeds based companies.

I learned a lot of new skills in this brief which I am very thankful for, my filming has become a lot more professional and the quality of the final film edit is leagues above my first. This shows a great progress in just two projects with almost seven months between them. Since completing this project I have also been approached by another company enquiring on my filming work which shows that it has reached a state of professionalism that is good enough for businesses to take an interest in.

This is a great development in my practice as it adds another skill that I can provide for clients alongside my design work and photography which opens up my opportunities even more for freelancing.

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