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OUGD603 — Brief 03 - Dr.Me - Brief

Dr.Me came in to give us a day-long brief to give them the chance to interact with us, talk to us and allow us to understand their work-flow and briefs they answer.

For this, we were paired up into our own little studios, I was paired up with Dan which I was quite happy about as I haven't worked with him since our first year.

I noted down a few things that stood out to me in their introductory talk too —

"Don't close yourself in with only one kind of work".

"Hand rendered production leads to happy accidents".

"Make good work and people will come back".

These statements made an impression on me and got me inspired for the day's events. I asked them at the end of their presentation why they were called Dr.Me and it turns out that its just their initials put together.

I guess that makes me and Dan Everitt — "DEAD" haha.

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