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OUGD603 — Brief 02 - Bijou Bridal Boutique - Preliminary Research - Part 1

To understand the build, design and trend of bridal websites I had a look at the first ones that came up on google.

The first one I clicked - Ellie Sanderson Bridal won the best retailer website in the bridal show awards however I wasn't that impressed.

The navigation proved to be simple and effective as a fixed bar positioned at the top of the screen, this worked as a drop down menu. The information was there, it was accessible and it was clear. Overall it wins in ease of navigation but there was nothing interesting about it.

David's Bridal had a much more structural grid system in the form of tiles across the site. This was a peculiar way of presenting a bridal site as it looked more like an H&M or Next site.

Bridal Boutique appears to be hosted on a wordpress site from around 2005 so I won't be analysing it.

Blackburn Bridal Couture uses side navigation and then full screen imagery as the content. This didn't flow incredibly well for all the content but for some of it, it was spot on.

I found it interesting that I couldn't find any actually nice bridal sites. Considering how high end it is in business I was expecting some beautiful web design but I was surprised. However this isn't a bad thing as I will be able to really push it and make Bijou's site stand out amongst the best.

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