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OUGD603 — Brief 03 - Dr.Me - Brief 002

Our second brief was to create a poster for a Canadian band's show. I started this by drawing the type in a messy and rushed way to link to the band's interesting hand-rendered visuals over all their media.

This was then vectorised and placed into indesign in an A3 document with a modular grid set up. The rest of the information was Helvetica Neue Bold to contrast the hand rendered band name. I laid this out in a logical order of hierarchy for a piece of content that is easily read and understood.

The background image was taken from the band's website of the frontman in some strange mirror room. I distorted and manipulated this image until it was simple, effective and eye-catching.

The colours were pushed throughout the design to keep consistency.

At the time of finishing the brief, Dan hadn't yet designed a poster so we pushed this as our final submission for brief 002.

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