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OUGD603 — Brief 02 - Bijou Bridal Boutique - Preliminary Research - Part 2

Before getting to work on Bijou's site, I wanted to investigate different ways of UX design and navigation planning as the requirement for this brief was for absolute simplicity.

Design Museum

Easily one of my favourite websites at this moment in time. The whole site works as a full screen image gallery. As you scroll through the content, the image changes with it to constantly keep the background relevant. However not only is it an image, but if you hit play, it turns into a video. The construction of this site is a joy to navigate through and that is a feeling I want to give the users of Bijou's site.


I'm not quite sure what the website is for but I absolutely loved the map feature which had an interactive background. This was something I haven't seen before but really made an impression as it felt like a window to their address. Branding this element is a great idea as it hides all of the ugly Google info at the bottom.


This website had a peculiar function but it's navigation was absolutely beautiful. The anchor movements of the site was really fluid and made the whole experience more engaging.

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