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OUGD603 — Brief 01 - Halleycat 2014 - Videography Preliminary Research

After considering printed merchandise, prize money, sponsorships, print, web hosting, etc, the last part of the budget went to an incredible action photographer who focuses on cycling. Szymon specialises in dirt bikes and fixed gears and I have worked with him previously on another project in my second year.

There was no more money left to hire a videographer so I jumped to the opportunity to try something completely different to what I have done before professionally. I know my way around adobe premiere and I am very knowledgable on how a high end DSLR works, therefore I said when I wasn't competing or networking, I would film the event and then create a promotional video for Halleycat III.

Before jumping at it, I decided to watch a few fixed gear orientated videos to understand distances, pans, motion and the best way of capturing it all at once.

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