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OUGD603 — Brief 01 - Halleycat 2014 - Printed Materials - Part 1

Some things take longer to produce or outsource than others and needed to be designed earlier. One piece in particular was the branded cycling cap as these needed to be outsourced to China and created in time for production and shipping.

I got looking at some examples online to get a just of what I was designing with.

Tim provided me with the measurements in the form of a pdf template and I got to work.

The one thing I was sure of the whole time was the curved Halleycat logo to be on the underside of the cap's peak because of it's form. This would be great promotion after the event when the competitors of this year's event wear the hat underneath their helmets over the winter period and have the peak flipped up.

This was then proofed by Nathan Hughs from Restrap (who was at the Bespoke 'Creative Networks' talk last year), before getting sent off to China for production.

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