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OUGD603 — Brief 03 - Dr.Me - Brief 001

Vinyl Cover Design.

Me and Dan decided that Dr.Me's collage style was very interesting and neither of us had done anything like it so we wanted to give it a go while they were there to give us feedback and advice.

We listened to the mix and listed words that came to mind when we were letting it sink in. We also highlighted the words which we saw as more important. These words were:

Foggy city, misty, thought provoking, eerie, dreamy, sky, silent hill, dug 3, radio transmissions, tapping, fluctuations, Russian, mind control, euphoric, industrial & repetition.

We then used those words to expand into more visually stimulating words that bounced off the original words. The better ones were again highlighted.

Misty — Soft, blurry, opaque.
Euphoric — Weightless, careless.
Eerie — Mysterious, unknown.
Industrial — Smog, structure, factory chimneys.
Repetition — Tapping, loop, transmission.

After our initial thought processes, we went to the library to scout out some books to scan in for interesting imagery that visually communicated our idea journey.

From here, we came up with a few ideas with the sources we had and got to work independently. Using a combination of background and type layout, I created a trippy composition for the artwork which consisted layered opacities of a scanned image as well as fading techniques to draw attention to the name and artist.

Dan created a scene in the clouds with the satellite dish we scanned in, he then printed it and scanned it back in to give it a hand-rendered texture and flatten it slightly too.

We both preferred Dan's version so as studio "DEAD" we decided to go with that one.

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