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OUGD603 — Brief 01 - Halleycat 2014 - Preliminary Research

The Halleycat, hosted by The North Race is a Halloween themed fixed gear alley-cat style event held in Leeds which replaces the dangerous elements of a high speed race through city traffic with a series of different competitions which everyone can be involved in.

The North Race - HALLEY-CAT 03/11/12 from The North Race on Vimeo.

The North Race | HALLEY - CAT from The North Race on Vimeo.

HALLEYCAT II from Ben Richards on Vimeo.

The turnout last year tripled the previous year's and it has fast become one of the most iconic fixed gear events in the UK with past sponsors from the likes of Factory Five, Brother Cycles, Morvelo, State Bicycle Company, Knog, Restrap and more.

The concept of the event is to wear all black and arrive early to get face painted. Without the face paint you aren't allowed to take part in any of the competitions so it becomes a spectacle.

The four different competitions are:

Track Stand.

The track stand or standstill is a technique that bicycle riders can use to maintain balance while their bicycle remains stationary or moves only minimal distances. The technique originated in track cycling and is now used by other types of cyclists wishing to stop for a short time without putting a foot on the ground, such as bike commuters at stop signs. To perform a track stand, a cyclist holds the cranks in an approximately horizontal position with the front wheel steered to the left or right, and pedals forward, and back in the case of a fixed-gear bicycle, which the steered front wheel converts into a side-to-side motion.

The winner of the competition is the rider that can last the longest whilst in the track stand position before either having to pedal or falling off.


One of the obvious competitions in the series. A long stretch of road is chosen and the competitors line up and race from one point to another, the fastest wins.


On a fixed gear bicycle, the back wheel is not a freewheel which means that whilst the back wheel is moving, the pedals have to rotate and vide versa. This means that if a fixed gear bicycle is at a high speed and the rider locks their legs in a horizontal position, the back wheel will stop and initiate a skid.

Skid competitions are competitions of length. The rider that can skid for the furthest distance without stopping or falling over wins. The technique of making a skid last long is to take all weight off the back wheel by leaning forward.

Hill Climb.

Rainier Schaefer from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Another obvious competition name. This competition is a challenge of speed, strength and endurance. A steep and/or long hill is chosen and the first person to reach the finish line at the top of the hill is the winner. On a fixed gear, this has a huge difficulty attached to it as people's gear ratios are based on flat land.

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