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OUGD603 — Brief 09 — Yearbook - List of Specialisms

Before coming back together to develop our pitch presentation and make it more clear, we split some jobs up to have done. I had to review the specialism reference codes.

Branding — BRND
Packaging — PCKG
Advertising — ADVRT
User Experience — UX
Print-making — PRNTMK
Web-design — HTTP
Motion-graphics — MTN
Typography — TYP
Illustration — ILLUS
Art-direction — DRCT
Photography — PHOT
Copywriting — CPY
Videography — AV
Editorial — EDIT
Concept-focused — CNCPT
Information-design  — INF
Product-design — PRD
Interior-design — INTR
Pattern-design — PTRN
Installation — INSTL
Signage — SGN
Exhibition-design — EXBT
Crafting — CRFT
3D-graphics — 3D

I was still unsure whether 'Concept-focused' should be included as we all are on our course as the ideas don't happen without a concept.

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