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OUGD603 — Brief 08 - Tokyo Fixed Jersey Kit - Bonsai Pattern Brief

As mentioned in my PPP blog, I was contacted by Max at Kinoko Cycles enquiring about working with me for Kinoko / Tokyo Fixed.

This was quite a big deal to me as I am a frequent buyer from their store and an overall supporter of what they do, so being emailed about working with them was an incredible feeling.

I was sent an e-mail and a couple of account invitations to google docs and wunderlist which I explain here.

The brief e-mail was very simple, I expect this first job is a simple one to see how I work and what I can get done, i.e. my value to them at the same time as establishing a working relationship.

The sent brief:

Hi Alex, 

I have cc'd Josh who is TF brand manager. Please keep him cc'd. 

I invited you to wunderlist. I use it to stay ontop of projects if there is multiple things on at once. 

Also I have drafted a agreement and shared with you via gdocs. 

Bonsai Brief 
This brief is pretty important. The end goal is to finish up with a pattern we can use to apply to fabrics using either screen printing or sublimation printing. 
I would though be happy for you to take a crack at applying the pattern to a long sleeve tee or jersey design. 
Final deadline is 27th, next Fri. 
I have attached some reference images of bonsai trees. We would like to make patterns based on drawings of the trees which could be printed either in colour or black & white. I do not see the pattern as being too thick e.g. the long sleeve tee attached. 
Email any questions over. 

I see this taking two days tops. 


I dissected the brief and simplified it further with focused instructions and give a clearer brief to be assessed against in regards to the module.

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