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OUGD603 — Brief 08 - Tokyo Fixed Jersey Kit - Patterns

Now that the illustrations were completed, the next step was to develop a strong pattern that could work in print on cycling jerseys (example above).

I created a series of variations with amazing constructive feedback flowing back and forth until coming to a final decision.

After the first four variations were sent, I received feedback to attempt constructing a weaving branch that flowed throughout the pattern. I felt that even though it worked, it felt too bust still.

This was noted in the emails between us and I tried an extreme of simplicity by removing all but one colour and creating an image from line-based halftones.

They loved the halftone texture but felt that the trees needed to be bigger and contain different colours for the branches and leaves still. This was amended and they were really happy with it and considered it finished.

Colour was also decided amongst these examples, however for the purpose of documentation I have created a separate post for this.

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