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OUGD603 — Brief 06 — Capital North - Concept

When we first started the project, we made the mistake of jumping straight into trying to figure out what it'd look like. I'm not quite sure why as I have never done that before but as expected, it didn't work (and also never looked good).

When DBA came to see how we were getting on, we went on to explain how 'the north is up, and the top is always the best, etc'. It sounded so bad when we explained it and they thought the same. We were given some mentoring in regards to how to execute the planning and figure out what needed to be done.

This method helped us close in on what actually mattered about the brief and where we needed to place our concentration.

In regards to audience, even though the brief said everyone. It clearly isn't. So who are they?

What is better/worse about the competition (London). And what is/will be better about the north to make people want to come up here to invest into businesses, try a different quality of life, etc?

Abi spoke to Simon in our tutorials and they discussed this brief and Simon said it would be silly to try and compete with London because at the end of the day, if people want to go to London, they will. 

With this in mind, we got together as a group and discussed it, it was clear that it would be silly to attempt that, so why not just try to capture the people that do not like London/are unhappy with their lives in London or just aren't interested in the stress, busy surroundings, ignorance and expenses that come attached to our capital?

This felt like our calling so we began our concept based on that, the escapism of everything bad about London but with all the benefits of it.

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