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OUGD603 — Brief 08 - Tokyo Fixed Jersey Kit - Colour

The colour started off with pinks and blues as first described in an e-mail Josh, (brand director at Tokyo Fixed) had sent to me.

As the patterns developed however, the colour began to change too. Nothing was really fixed while developing the patterns themselves as the colour could be altered at any given time.

The background turned to a light sand colour to give a more natural feel to the pattern.

When I began playing with line-based halftones, I oversimplified the colour-scheme which was mentioned in the feedback received from Josh, from there I said I would go a bit crazy with colour and send them a load of variations to choose from so every direction has been scoped.

In the feedback gained from the selection I sent over, he said he loved the pink and green ones but felt they should be a bit paler and more natural than vibrant and for all the soil to remain the same colour.

This was finalised and sent as an illustrator file to Josh so he was able to mock it up in a jersey template and discuss it with Max.

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