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OUGD603 — Brief 05 - The Ministry Of Wonderful - Boards


The Ministry of Wonderful brief was another visiting professional lead brief that I feel had the potential to be really enjoyable if I had more time and energy to push it to my usual standard.

Unfortunately this came about during a very busy time and I didn't have the time to develop it to a quality I was happy with.

I picked Retirement Home out of the hat to brand and was really excited to develop concepts to create something great out of such a bleak subject that upon researching i found quite a depressing reality in Britain.

This brief helped me practice researching and found the most effective to be discussing the subject with people. Jane Hansesgaard on the course is Danish and I asked her what the system is like over there and she explained that it is much more positive and designed to give everyone a really nice and enjoyable last few years of their lives as thanks for all they have done for society in their working lives. I found this to be amazing and still question why the UK do not have a similar outlook.

I pushed this into my concept and had to develop it very quickly before realising I had let myself down by not giving myself enough time on it and spending it on live briefs with approaching deadlines instead.

If I had more time or I didn't have as many jobs happening at once I would of loved to push this concept into something more effective, successful and well rounded as the challenge was well put together and an enjoyable experience.

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