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OUGD603 — Brief 02 - Bijou Bridal Boutique - Website build

When it came to building the site, four days estimate quickly turned into 3 weeks of work trying to fix hack parts of javascript. The developer, my friend Chrish, ended up saying that because the aim of the site is to be responsive and viewable on all devices, the design I had created is doable but with a very expensive javascript developer, with his knowledge a few things needed to change to make it work. This didn't effect the usability at all, it just made the responsive design more adaptable.

A week of tests with issues from a variety of screen sizes kept arising. The client's 2 in 1 sony vaio was a nightmare to work with because of it's peculiar dimensions. This made Chrish's job even harder because as soon as everything had been fixed, more problems arose from the fixes on a different device.

After some trial and error, he got it all working spot on. Not exactly to the original design but this taught me a lot about web development. What is sane - and what isn't.

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