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OUGD603 — Brief 01 - Halleycat 2014 - Boards


This brief was a direct result of my plan to push myself into this academic year of the programme head-first. I approached Nathan Hughes, Director at Restrap, and Tim Pulleyn, blogger of The Broken Line, but also both the event organisers for the annual Halleycat the week we got back from Summer and with October just round the corner, I knew I had approximately two to three weeks until I would have to of finished and began production on print.

I had not yet been to the event before as I had only just started getting into cycling when the last one took place but as an independent fixed-gear event, it is one of the biggest in the country which consists of a selection of competitions on bikes that earn you points, one with the most points wins a cash prize and lots of goods from the sponsors. I had already heard a lot about it but I spent time researching it by searching the internet for photographic, filmed or written documentation of the past events.

This was a very fast-paced, yet smooth and well planned brief that got me straight back into my working routine which did a lot for my preparation and development of later projects and the beginning of my critical writing.

This brief allowed me to work on a full spectrum live branding project that was related to my passion of cycling. It also worked as a really positive networking tool that brought me close to the independent cycling businesses of the area and gained the trust in my abilities and professional practice of Nathan and Tim which lead to a collection of other briefs specifically for Restrap.

Within this brief I was able to have a go at a completely new practice which was videography. I have always been very interested in photography and have practiced with a DSLR for years but video was never something I have attempted. My skills in photography helped me establish the grounds of shooting video and gave me the chance of learning, developing and enhancing both new and existing knowledge in image capturing as well as software skills in Adobe Premiere.

I am very happy and proud of everything I designed, made and executed for the Halleycat brief and it has become a featured project that professionals like to discuss with me along with the brief starting some very positive friendships and business relationships with the cycling community in Leeds.

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