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OUGD603 — Brief 07 - Restrap Packaging — 04 - Shoot Illustrations

My next task was to illustrate the diagrams to show the shoot strap in context. I took photos of the different elements to use as reference as well as use the images from the kickstarter for strap positions.

I started with the front diagram to encourage consumers to try opening and closing the magnetic buckle on the strap.

For the instructional diagrams on the back to explain how to loop the snaps, I wanted to give it a bit of 3D perspective. This was quite difficult in comparison to the flat based illustration but I feel like I got it pretty spot on as a step by step.

I needed to show the two different wearable positions. In our meeting we discussed this should be extremely simple, minimal detail in the camera and the body with a focus on the strap positions. For this reason I left the body completely blank.

For the Shoot Mini packaging I needed an illustration of it on someone's wrist to show it in context. I kept this extremely minimal and stylised in the same way the wearable positions were illustrated.

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