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OUGD603 — Brief 09 — Yearbook - Presentation 2.0

As always I was a bundle of nerves to be presenting in front of the whole course our concept ideas for our year-book this year.

People already had a bad-expectation because of what they got from our previous presentation and what others had said without fully understanding what we were doing.

It was our job today to make sure everyone was completely clear on our idea and how it would work as a yearbook as well as outside of one too. Explaining concisely that our archiving system would not identify them as a number or code but only aid the discovery of their work via the systematic contents page in the form of specialism reference codes.

The overall reactions were as expected but not as bad as we thought they'd be. We wanted to keep the questions period conversational between the course so they were absolutely aware that we were deciding all elements as a course and everyone's thoughts and ideas would be considered towards improving the finished book.

By the end, everyone 100% understood the concept and the direction as well as what it consisted of. In reflection to the presentation I feel that with the more effort of preparation I did before - helped with my nerves and keeping on topic with what I was discussing/explaining. We all did a great job explaining the concept clearly and we sold the idea to the course well.

We have organised to discuss different elements of the yearbook on Friday at 13:00 so people can put forward their ideas, concerns and help develop the yearbook into a finished outcome we are all proud to be in.

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