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OUGD603 — Brief 07 - Restrap Packaging — 01 - Diagonal Strap Illustration

Once I had completed the reference photos I got to work on illustrating the diagonal pedal-strap system.

I decided that the best photo for it would be the aerial image of the pedal + strap by themselves. This was drawn with line-work and warping of the logo. I made sure the lines were thicker for the strap to make it jump out more-so than the pedal.

This didn't work as effectively as I wanted so I tried blocking the strap in black as well as the pedal shadows to give more depth to it. I then compared the two of them and then sent it to Nathan to get his opinion.

He was happy with the blacked out version and reassured me that it would work great to show which way the pedal-strap attaches to the pedal itself as he has had history of people attaching it the opposite way and making it more difficult to slide the shoe into the strap.

For the front of the packaging, Nathan said a more 3D form would be better to show it's function, similar to the back of the packaging currently. After creating the outline, I whizzed this screen-shot over to him for approval. Once he let me know he was happy with it I blacked out the strap again to keep the focal point on the product.

The next drawing was to illustrate that there is three adjustable layers to the pedal straps, I showed this by overlapping each strap layer separately.

To illustrate the fixtures & installation I vectorised each part of it with a dotted line to show what order that the bits fit together in. I also decided to remove the block shading from the pedal as it was ruining the attention to the strap.

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