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OUGD603 — Brief 07 - Restrap Packaging — 02 - Horizontal Strap Packaging

For the horizontal strap packaging, Nathan already had an idea of this flat curved panel with slits cut to fit the straps. After some thought, I pitched horizontal slits instead, not just to be consistent with the function & name of the strap, but to make whoever's job it was to attach the straps to the packaging a lot easier rather than pushing them through holes to then tighten and fold over.

He appreciated the idea and asked me to mock it up and see if it worked.

The measurements were off the first time round. This was because even though I did measure everything very accurately, I didn't consider that one side was not as wide as the other, making it a loose fit.

I altered this by taking off 6mm each side of the left slit. This worked well to sit the product snugly.

The only issue I can expect from this is when the product is hung on a hook in a shop, the weight would be distributed the side the buckles are on. This means that the product would have to be presented on both sides to make it equal weight distribution and hang straight.

For the reason stated above, when drawing out the net, unequal slits were considered to keep the straps secure, straight and parallel. Dotted lines were also drawn to remind me which parts of the packaging would be hidden.

When designing the print for the packaging, consistency was considered as all of their current packaging is half white on top and half black. Hiding the split in colour behind a strap would be a cool way to blend them together and keep it eye-catching.

Using the available space I placed the logo in the middle which was a request Nathan made when we first discussed it. The name then on the left and the main illustration on the opposite side.

Sizing was a struggle to keep balanced however the correct type size and kerning spaced it out enough to work in proportion with the illustration on the other side.

The back was laid out in the same way but showing the other side of the strap and the instructions on securing and adjusting the strap.

Finally measurements were shown along one of the sides for the printers.

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