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OUGD603 — Brief 07 - Restrap Packaging — 04 - Shoot Packaging

The packaging for the full sized shoot strap would be exact dimensions of the diagonal straps I made earlier in the academic year for Restrap.

With that in mind, I already had most of the measurements needed. Using the outside of that packaging outcome I had a template to work with to make the job quicker. The only difference was removing another die-cut panel in the front to show the engraved buckle.

The first element I put onto the packaging was the instruction diagram on the front to explain the magnetic snap buckle. One of the brief requirements was to have this diagram on the front so that people could have a go with it in-stores and understand properly how they work as a product. I designed this so it wrapped around the side of the packaging and cut off at the back corner before arriving at the brand's final message.

Once that was done I needed to assess the amount of space I had on the back to fit the instruction diagrams on how to loop the snap buckles onto the consumer's camera. To do this I followed the same information placement as the diagonal strap packaging to keep consistency and displayed all the information required in the brief.

The illustrations I made earlier on fit perfectly in the space they needed to and remained useful, legible and aesthetically pleasing too.

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